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AFP Rosters Guide

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AFP Rosters Guide

Post by Rich Porter on Mon Sep 07, 2009 1:35 am

So you've been selected for AFP Command. You've just been given access to a spreadsheet and when you open it up, you're overwhelmed with all of the information.

Please Note: It is very important that you keep your branches spreadsheet as up to date as possible. The stats provided by the spreadsheets are vital in determining which and how many troops get deployed, etc.

AFP - Military Registration Form
The very first page of this spreadsheet is the registration page. Whenever a citizen signs up for the AFP, the information they input is deposited here. Familiarize yourself with this particular sheet. Look at the bottom, you'll see several named tabs. "Registration" (the sheet you are currently looking at) is followed by the names of the five branches. By clicking these tabs you are able to navigate to the particular branch you command.

Tab: Registration
As said above, whenever a citizen registers with the AFP, the information they submit is deposited here regardless of damage. The first thing you'll notice is the color-coded table, organized by damage from weakest to strongest. At the right of that table is the current AFP Command excluding the President of the Philippines. Below that table are the citizens who signed up.

The Director of Defense is to color-code the sign ups and then transfer the EREPUBLIK NAME and the EREPUBLIK LINK to the appropriate branch, based on damage and desire to travel.

Tab: AFP Branches
All AFP branch sheets are designed in the same manner. At the very top a frozen row contains the names of each column. They are in order: eRepublik Name, eRepublik Link, Wellness, Strength, Damage, Completed Test Date and Location. The Academy tab has a special column named Willing to Travel. The column named Willing to Travel is unique to the Academy spreadsheet, as it helps to determine which branch the graduating soldier transfers to.

Below this frozen row are color-codes. They are used to separate enlistments, transfers and inactive players. Please use these color-codes accordingly.

All Rosters
No Background: Active soldier.
Red Background: Failed last activity test.
Orange Background: Transfer from PMA.

Academy Roster
Orange Background: New PMA recruit.
Light Blue Background: Graduated PMA.

Army Roster
Light Green Background: New AFP recruit.
Dark Green Background: Transfer to SO.

Navy Roster
Light Blue Background: Transfer to PMC.
Dark Blue Background: New AFP recruit.

Special Ops Roster
Light Green Background: Transfer from PA.
Dark Green Background: New AFP recruit.

Marines Roster
Light Blue Background: New AFP recruit.
Dark Blue Background: Transfer from PN.

Further down, below the list of troops, you will see rows that provide the following statistics on each branch: Squad Size, Avg Strength, Avg Damage, Avg Wellness and Last Activity Test. In the row next to Last Activity Test the Commanding Officer should input the date in which he/she performed the last test. Also, don't forget to update the Squad Size and Actives. Commanding Officers are not to edit the formulas used for the rows calculating Averages.

And finally, below the Averages you will find three links that are important to your branch. The eRepublik Mass Mailer, the branch-specific Activity Test and the AFP Supply Request form.

New Recruit/Transfer Messages
When you login to the roster and see that there are new soldiers highlighted in various colors, you should send them a message welcoming them to the branch. Send them this, or use this as a platform for your own.

Hello and welcome to the Armed Forces of the Philippines!  I am [b][insert name][/b], the [b][Title of Branch][/b].  Upon registration you were selected to serve in this unit based on your damage and your willingness to travel. Please follow these instructions...
1.) Fill out the <a href="http://youractivitytesturl">activity test</a>.  This is done weekly, expect to receive a message once a week asking you to complete this form.
2.) Move to <b>Palawan</b> if you aren't there already.  This region has a Q5 Hospital and will help you increase your Wellness quickly through our regular Training Wars.  Request a Moving Ticket from the AFP by clicking <a href="">here</a>.
3.) If you are a Firefox user, please read the instructions on how to install the <a href="">ePhilippines Orders Script</a>.
4.) Don't forget to <a href="">request supplies</a> for the War Games.
5.) Ask questions!  If you find yourself stuck, confused or just plain overwhelmed, don't be afraid to ask questions!
[Title of Branch]

If the soldier fails to complete the activity test within seven (7) days time, remove them from the Branch sheet and also the Registration sheet. Using CTRL+F is an easy way to find the inactive soldier by name.

If you ever have any questions, please contact the Director of Defense.
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