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Greasemonkey Orders Protocol BETA

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Greasemonkey Orders Protocol BETA

Post by Ariel on Thu Sep 17, 2009 2:21 am

OK. So, let's try to prescribe protocol for the use of the ePhilippines Orders script, for the benefit of all AFP Commands, now and forevermore. Feel free to contribute.

Authorized Personnel:
1. President - can change all orders
2. DND Director - can change all orders
3. DND Deputy Director - can change all orders
4. Commanding Officers* - can change only orders pertaining to their units (especially, in time of emergency, COs can alter )

1. <SO> <PNF> stuff (Ryo explains this Razz )

War Games
1. After each war game battle, take down the war games orders. Replace with next war game order or "standby" spiel
2. Update the war games orders at least 12 hours before start of war games.
3. On the second day of a war game battle, update the orders to mention what time the games will end.
4. Keep DAY XXX in BOLD.
5. Keep -time- in BOLD.
6. Include these times: eRep, Philippines, and GMT. eRep is PST/UTC-8 or PDT/UTC-7. Philippines is GMT+8/UTC+8.

*Commanding Generals, Admirals, Commanders, and Commandants

Standard Info
The following should appear under the battle orders in size 11 font.
1. Invitation to subscribe to National Defense Bulletin

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