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Post by Sigurd Aasen on Tue Mar 22, 2011 9:25 pm

You're a prospective ePH citizen, and, as you appreciate, there are certain qualities and duties expected of a ePH citizen, and I believe that these must be met before one can become a citizen of our country.

Firstly, this is a thread where you can post a small bit about yourself. You don't have to provide real life information unless you want to, I don't want to undermine your privacy (I, myself, being a somewhat private person). In this thread I would like you to post about:

- Your experience in eRepublik.
- Why you wish to come to ePH and why you left your old country (if there is any specific reason).
- What you think you can contribute to our country and why we should accept you.
- Do you have plans to become involved in either political or commercial life of our country.

Secondly, I would like all applicants to visit our IRC channel at rizon channel . This way you can meet other members of our community and we can get to know you more as individuals.

It is also worth noting that applicants who don't apply in this thread shall have their requests automatically discounted by default.

And remember to post a link to your eRep profile.

Thank you
Sigurd Aasen
Sigurd Aasen

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