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Citizenship Application

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Citizenship Application

Post by johnny06 on Sun Jun 05, 2011 5:05 pm

1. About me
Hi, I'm 20 years old student from Poland who loves sports, especially basketball and shooting which I actually train professionaly.

2. Experience
2 times Polish congressman, 4 times vMoFA of ePoland, used to be twice right hand of PP in my old party and the coordinator of our party's international embassies program.

3. Why you wish to come to ePH and why you left your old country (if there is any specific reason).
Well to be honest I'm tired of Polish flame politics and I'm looking for some quiet place to rest. ;)

4. What you think you can contribute to our country and why we should accept you.
Myself, which is my experience and my damage. Although I'm in military unit but on days without rallies I can fight for your country or I can even sometimes skip rallies of my MU Very Happy You may say my current country is in opposite alliance than yours but I'll tell you one thing... after what I've seen and after being with those sick people and trying to work with them I don't really give a sh*t will I be with them or against them... I just do whatever I need to stay in my MU as I care about that, but all the rest I can sacrifice to ePhilippines and I can assure you I won't fight directly against your country.

johnny06 - once you have it, you love it. ;)

5. Do you have plans to become involved in either political or commercial life of our country.
I don't know, maybe... maybe I might be somehow usefull for you... maybe I'd like to run to congress or something... we'll see. ;) There was that time I really wanted go to ePakistan when I saw them being "eaten" by India and almost no activity in their country to help them somehow but finally I didn't move there... I don't know why... I just didn't... Razz

and at the end MY PROFILE

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Re: Citizenship Application

Post by Uniquelo on Sun Jun 05, 2011 6:25 pm

I would give him green light, we need more and strong ppl in ePhilippines ;]
And yeah, polish politics is full of flame :[ I know how You feel :[

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