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Citizenship Application : Macros the "Black"

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Citizenship Application : Macros the "Black"

Post by Macros the Black on Wed Dec 28, 2011 5:50 pm

- Your experience in eRepublik.
My experiences?
This will be rather short.

2x Secretary of Education in the United States of America
I maintained the Information Web, a collection of documents that held important information for new players, and aided them in starting there /adventure/ in the United States of America.

3x DepSec Edu
Same as above, just subordinate to Blank Keatings

x2 Party Director [USLP]
Managed Party events, etc. Aided in the leadership of the US Libertarian Party (this is getting similar to Jelly, isn't it?)

x3 Squad Leader and Uniform Specialist [EZC]
This was ~300 days ago. I managed a unit of six men and did uniforms for the entire unit (~30 people).

I probally have more, but, they are irrelevant.

- Why you wish to come to ePH and why you left your old country (if there is any specific reason).

a) 400 days in the US is getting tiresome, lack of community, etc.
b) I am friends with Jelly, and he is returning to activity, I thought I could help him in any way possible.
c) Haven't tried living in a nation in Asia yet.

- What you think you can contribute to our country and why we should accept you.

Well, for one - I can work. That means a) I will increase tax revenues (even if only by a meagre sum of ~ 1 - 2 pesos) , overall productivity etc. I will also buy Phillipino products, hence raising commerce and VAT revenues. I like tanking - so I use alot of food, weapons etc.

- Do you have plans to become involved in either political or commercial life of our country.

I plan on helping out anywhere and anyway possible, within the legal confines of your Constitution. If someone asks me to run, or asks me to be a Minister of just about anything, I will accept it. However, I don't think that I will run on my own.

ID : 3916815

< since I can't post links yet :/
Macros the Black
Macros the Black

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Re: Citizenship Application : Macros the "Black"

Post by coco the killa on Wed Dec 28, 2011 6:34 pm

coco the killa
coco the killa

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Re: Citizenship Application : Macros the "Black"

Post by TMG KRYTPIC X on Wed Dec 28, 2011 10:37 pm

Welcome to the Philippines, this Request is being given a Green Light. Sending a Congressman now.

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Re: Citizenship Application : Macros the "Black"

Post by Sponsored content

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