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Irish Cabinet - May 2012

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Irish Cabinet - May 2012

Post by VadgeSmudge on Thu May 17, 2012 5:25 pm

CP - Irish_Rebel_Reborn (IRC nick Padraig)
Irish Cabinet - May 2012, I would provide a link but I can't for 7 days.

Godfather - irishbhoy1967 (IRC nick IBhoy)

MoF - Sweet Drinker (IRC nick Sw33t)

MoFA's - Ethel Rosenberg (IRC nick ERosenberg)

MoD's - MUFC92
Thanatos the Magnificent

Ministry of New Citizens - MrConwayTwitty

Ministry of Community - Patrick O'Leary
James Keiller

Ministry of Immigration - Domagoj 93

Advisors - The ICA (IRC - #eICA)

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Re: Irish Cabinet - May 2012

Post by Lacon Yan on Fri May 18, 2012 1:40 pm

Behalf of our President Paul Delos Santos and our Director for Foreign Affairs J Grey, i want to welcome you here in ePhilippines, i hope the eIreland - ePhilippines relationship will be stronger and help each other in many ways.

By the way, here is our cabinet members.

President Paul Delos Santos
Vice President Slothen
Armed Forces:
- Director MakedonecMKD
- Deputy Director slawiozo
- Director Hekter
- Director sansae2
- Deputy Director Lacon Yan
Foreign Affairs:
- Director: J Grey
- Deputy for Terra/EDEN kb1992
- Deputy for ONE Vincenzo Roque
- Director John Jurassic
- National Health Inspector Ariel David Buena
- Cat Empress indielfi
Lacon Yan

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