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eArgentine ambassador

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eArgentine ambassador

Post by tiroloko on Tue Nov 13, 2012 12:51 am


I was selected as ambassador to the Philippines.

Cabinet of Argentina

President: Pablo zaiko
Vice CP: Luznodamas
Chieff of Cabinet: John Locked

Military Ministry

MOFA: Lady Antebellum
CoMOFA: Pochoboga (morituri te salutant) - Muri19
Embassies coordinator:Laura Gallegos - Franco Bonazza - Caribo
Immigration: Gee Tee
Assistant: Pablonob

Department of defense

defense minister: Juan manuel rodriguez MDQ - ElCasiPresi - Choly999
Dark Knight: REVANCHA - Eliseo Auditore - scukacs
Deputys: Zek Punga - Jose herrera h - Davits77 - Severino di Giovanni - generalberto


MOE: Cataratas
infrastructure: ivan gonzalo vratnik
Assistant: Martin Anchus

Education and Welfare

Minister of Welfare: KratoSL
Minister of Education: ddellacqua
Education Team: wearr - ingjaccobaci - jose herrera h - pcmartin
general plan: Ozzy Ozz and Team
Argentina school: la leyenda
universal soldier plan: Santiagolp - elver gamota

Ministry of Gaming and Sluts

old gambler: Birter
Player recovering: Suleta

IRC Channels: #eArgentina - #mofa.arg

me llevo este icono para el foro argentino Tree Swing and Dancing Diatabs

I need the Philippine cabinet :)


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Re: eArgentine ambassador

Post by vincenzo_roque999 on Thu Nov 22, 2012 1:59 pm

Sorry late reply! Have you seen the Philippine cabinet already? You can see it in the ePhilippine wiki:

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