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Wellness Guide

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Wellness Guide

Post by Big Boy Bulley on Sun Mar 08, 2009 10:44 pm

Wellness is an important part of eRepublik, so it is vital that you understand how wellness works in the game. Hopefully, this guide will give new citizens an understanding of what wellness is and why it is important.

What is Wellness?
Wellness is an indicator of the health, happiness and general wellbeing of your eRepublik citizen. Wellness can not go any higher than 100, and if it reaches 0, your citizen will die. Having a higher wellness makes you more productive when you work and, when you fight in a war, you will provide a higher damage. Many employers give higher wages to more productive workers, so keeping a high wellness can give you a higher wage! Your wellness is shown at the left, underneath your username and the small picture of the man/woman.

How do I increase my Wellness?
The easiest way is simple: eat. Just buy some food from the marketplace and, at the end of the day, your citizen will automatically eat it. Your citizen will automatically eat once per day at midnight (eRepublik time), so you must make sure that you have some food in your inventory every day! On the marketplace page, you should see that you can buy food of different quality. The higher quality food you buy, the more your wellness will increase. But of course, higher quality food usually costs more money. If you own a house, you wellness will increase by a large amount every time you eat, but a house will be too expensive for most citizens. To calculate how much wellness you will gain from food, use a wellness calculator like this one.

Another way of increasing your wellness is buy receiving gifts, which are also bought from the marketplace. For every gift you receive, your wellness will increase by the quality level of the gift (eg, if you are given a quality 1 gift, your wellness will increase by 1). You can receive multiple gifts per day, but you can receive no more than 10 wellness per day from gifts. Keep in mind that you can not increase your wellness by giving a gift to yourself - someone else must give you gifts. One way to do this is to find a 'Gift Buddy' - someone who will give you gifts in exchange for either paying them or giving them gifts.

How do I lose Wellness?
You lose 1 wellness every time you train and the quality of your company in wellness each time you work (eg, if you work in a quality 2 company, you will lose 2 wellness). So, in order to keep a high wellness, try and work in a quality 1 company and don't train each day (but work every day, or you won't receive any money!). You will also lose wellness each day if you do not have any food in your inventory, so again, make sure that you have some food in your inventory every day!

To calculate how much wellness you will gain or lose, use a wellness calculator:

More information can be found from the wellness article on the eRepublik wiki:

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Re: Wellness Guide

Post by IndieKid on Mon Mar 09, 2009 3:38 pm

nice one

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